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Journal of Biomaterials Science. Polymer Edition



Professor Michel Vert
Faculté de Pharmacie
15 avenue Charles Flahault
BP 14491
34093 Montpellier cedex 05, France

North America
Professor Stuart L. Cooper
Department of Chemical Engineering
Ohio State University
140 West 19th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

T. Tsuruta
c/o K. Kataoka
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Associate Editors
K. Kataoka Tokyo, Japan

J.A. Hubbell Lausanne, Switzerland

Founding Editor:
C.H. Bamfordtex2html_wrap_inline2652

This monthly journal publishes fundamental research on the properties ofpolymeric biomaterials and themechanisms of interaction between such biomaterials and living organisms,with attention being focused at the molecular and cellular levels.The journal publishes original research papers, short communicationsand review articles. The publication of this research is expected tocontribute significantly to future progress in the practicalapplications of these substances.

Biomaterials may be defined as materials which are used in contact withtissue, blood, cells, proteins and any other living substance.The Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, deals withpolymers, synthetic and natural, as the most versatile biomaterials,having wide-ranging applications in the pharmaceutical,biomedical andbiological fields. For example, they may form the basis for tissueengineering and the development of artificial organs andnon-thrombogenic materials, devices and systems for diagnosis andtherapy, cell cultivation substrata, cell-sorters, membranes,adsorbents, biosensors and delivery systems for bioactive agents.

The existing journals on biomaterials tend to publish papers whichemphasize the applications of the science. The Journal ofBiomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, seeks to redress thebalance by providing an international forum primarily focused on fundamentalbiomaterials research.

ISSN 0920-5063
E-ISSN 1568-5624

Indexed/Abstracted in:
Biological Abstracts; BIOSIS; Chemical Abstracts; ChemicalIndustry Notes; Chemical Titles; Chemistry Citation Index; Computer andInformation Systems Abstracts; Corrosion Abstracts; CurrentContents/Life Sciences; Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts; Electronics andCommunications Abstracts Journals; Engineered Materials Abstracts;Exerpta Medica; Index Medicus/MEDLINE; Index to Scientific Reviews;Index Veterinarius; Inpharma Weekly; Inspec Database; M&T EngineeringAbstracts; Materials Science Citation Index; METADEX; Nonferrous MetalsAlert; Polymers, Ceramics, Composites Alert; RAPRA Abstracts; ReactionsWeekly; Research Alert (Philadelphia); Review of Medical & VeterinaryMycology; Science Citation Index; Social Sciences Citation Index; SolidStates and Superconductivity Abstracts; Steels Alert; VeterinaryBulletin; World Aluminium Abstracts

Subscription data 2005 (all prices are subject to change without notice):
Volume 16 in 12 issues

Institutional rate: EUR 1.350  US$ 1.688 (print+e)
Individual rate: EUR 1.350  US$ 1.688 (print+e)

Institutional rate: EUR 1.215  US$ 1.519 (e-only)
Individual rate: EUR 1.215  US$ 1.519 (e-only)


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