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Adhesion Aspects of Polymeric Coatings, Volume 2


Interphase: Formation, characterization and relevance to practicaladhesion
A.A. Roche, J. Bouchet and S. Bentadjine
Depletion, a key factor in polymer adhesion
G. Frens
Attaining adhesion/cohesion within painted plastics
R.A. Ryntz
Scanning electric potential microscopy (SEPM) and electric forcemicroscopy (EFM) imaging of polymer surfaces
E.F. de Souza, M.M. Rippel, A.J. Keslarek, A. Galembeck, C.A.R.Costa, É.T. Neto and F. Galembeck
The residue (smut) formed on aluminum alloys during hydrofluoric acidetching and its effect on a coating process
A.P.S. Tihaiya, J.P. Bell, G.D. Davis and T.R. Hanlon
Surface modification of metals by silanes
D. Zhu and W.J. van Ooij
Application of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in assessing theadsorption of siloxane polymers onto E-glass fibers
L.G. Britcher, D. Kehoe and J.G. Matisons
Surface modification of polyphenylene sulfide plastics to improve theiradhesion to a dielectric adhesive
Y. Wang and S. Rak
Metal surface conditioning concepts for resin bonding in dentistry
P. Pfeiffer, I. Nergiz and M. Özcan
Measurement of internal stresses in polymeric coatings using timeresolved fluorescence
T. Ikawa and T. Shiga
Adhesion of an alkyd paint to cold rolled steel sheets: Effect of steelsurface composition
S. Maeda
Analysis of the wet adhesion of coatings on wood
M. de Meijer
Modified tape test: Measurement of adhesion of insulator films to lowdielectric constant organic polymers
L.L.N. Goh, S.L. Toh, S.Y.M. Chooi, Y. Xu and T.E. Tay

2003; viii+204 pages
ISBN 90-6764-377-7
Price (all prices are subject to change without notice): EUR 125/US$ 179


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