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Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, Volume 2

Editor: K.L. Mittal

This book documents the proceedings of theSecond InternationalSymposium on Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, held inNewark, NJ, October 25--27, 1999. Since the First Symposium (Boston,1992) there had been considerable activity in devising new, morereliable and more efficient ways to measure adhesion of films andcoatings, which resulted in the decision to organize the NewarkSymposium.

Films and coatings are used for a variety of purposes --- functional,decorative, protective, etc. --- in a host of applications.Irrespective of the purpose or application of a film or a coating,their adequate adhesion to the underlying substrates is of paramountimportance. Concomitantly, the need to develop techniques forquantitative assessment of adhesion of films and coatings is all tooobvious.

This volume contains a total of 20 papers, which have all beenrigorously peer reviewed and suitably modified before inclusion. Thetopics include: measurement and analysis of interface adhesion;relative adhesion measurement for thin film structures; adhesiontesting of hard coatings by a variety of techniques; challenges andnew directions in scratch adhesion testing of coated substrates;application of scratch test to different films and coatings;evaluation of coating-substrate adhesion by indentation experiments;measurement of interfacial fracture energy in multifilm applications;laser induced decohesion spectroscopy (LIDS) for measuring adhesion;pulsed laser technique for assessment of adhesion; blade adhesiontest; JKR adhesion test; coefficient of thermal expansionmeasurement; and residual stresses in diamond films.

This volume, providing the latest information, will be of great valueand interest to anyone working in the area of adhesion measurement offilms and coatings.

2001; viii+354 pages
ISBN 90-6764-337-8
Price (all prices are subject to change without notice): EUR 121/US$ 173


Click here for information on the Third InternationalSymposium on Adhesion Measurement of Thin Films andCoatings, to be held November7--9, 2001


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