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Apparent and Microscopic Contact Angles

Editors: J. Drelich, J.S. Laskowski and K.L. Mittal

This book chronicles the proceedings of the International Symposiumon Apparent and Microscopic Contact Angles, held in conjunction withthe American Chemical Society meeting in Boston, August 24--27, 1998.

The symposium provided an opportunity to discuss severalcontroversial issues associated with interfacial phenomena thatgovern the behavior of the three-phase systems. This volume contains28 papers --- previously published in 3 issues of the Journal ofAdhesion Science and Technology.

The book is divided into four parts: Nanoscopic and Molecular Effectson Contact Angles; Surface Forces and Surface Free Energy; Wetting ofHeterogeneous, Rough and Curved Surfaces; Dynamic Effects in ContactAngle Measurements. Among the topics covered are: contact linetension measurement; liquid drop surface topography; molecularmechanisms of hydrophobic transitions; stereochemical andconformational aspects of polymer surfaces; determination ofacid-base properties of metal oxides and polymers by contact anglemeasurement; van Oss--Good theory of acid-base surface free energies;AFM measurement of forces; thin liquid films; wettability of flat andcurved surfaces; contact angle hysteresis; factors affecting contactangle meassurements; dynamic wetting behavior; and effect ofsurfactants on wetting.

This proceedings volume will be of value and interest to researchersin the field of contact angles.

2000; x+522 pages
ISBN 90-6764-321-1
Price (all prices are subject to change without notice): EUR 156/US$ 223


Click here for information on the Third InternationalSymposium on Contact Angle, Wettability andAdhesion, to be held at theProvidence Biltmore Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island (USA); May 20--22,2002


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