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Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, Volume 2


Interface adhesion: Measurement and analysis
A.G. Evans
Relative adhesion measurement for thin film microelectronicstructures. Part II.
L.P. Buchwalter
Testing the adhesion of hard coatings including the non-destructivetechnique of surface acoustic waves
H. Ollendorf, T. Schülke and D. Schneider
Scratch adhesion testing of coated surfaces --- Challenges and newdirections
J. Meneve, H. Ronkainen, P. Andersson, K. Vercammen, D. Camino, D.G.Teer, J. von Stebut, M.G. Gee, N.M. Jennett, J. Banks, B. Bellaton,E. Matthaei-Schulz and H. Vetters
Can the scratch adhesion test ever be quantitative?
S.J. Bull
Characterisation of thin film adhesion with the Nano-Scratch Tester(NST)
J.D. Holbery and R. Consiglio
Scratch adhesion testing of nanophase diamond coatings on industrialsubstrates
F. Davanloo, C.B. Collins and K.J. Koivusaari
Scratch test failure modes and performance of organic coatings formarine applications
S.J. Bull, K. Horvathova, I.P. Gilbert, D. Mitchell, R.I. Davidsonand J.R. White
An energetic approach for the evaluation of adhesion of sputterdeposited TiC films on glass by the scratch test
A. Kinbara, A. Sato, E. Kusano and N. Kikuchi
On the evaluation of coating-substrate adhesion by indentationexperiments
B. Rother
Measurement of interfacial fracture energy in microelectronicmultifilm applications
J.C. Hay, E.G. Liniger and X.H. Liu
Assessment of adhesion reliability for plastic flip-chippackaging
X. Dai, M.V. Brillhart and P.S. Ho
Adhesion and abrasion of sputter-deposited ceramic thin films onglass
S. Suzuki
Improvement and testing of diamond film adhesion
X.C. He, H.S. Shen, Z.M. Zhang, X.J. Hu and X.Q. Yang
Effect of primer curing conditions on basecoat-primer adhesion --- ALIDS study
J.S. Meth
Evaluation of a pulsed laser technique for the estimation of theadhesion strength of oxide coatings onto metallic substrates
G. Rosa, P. Psyllaki and R. Oltra
The blade adhesion test applied to polyimide films onto siliconsubstrate
S. Khasawinah and C.G. Smith
Mechanics of the JKR (Johnson--Kendall--Roberts) adhesion test
C.Y. Hui, J.M. Baney and Y.Y. Lin
Revisiting bimaterial curvature measurements for CTE ofadhesives
D.A. Dillard and J.-H. Yu
Raman spectroscopic determination of residual stresses in diamondfilms
Q.H. Fan, J. Grácio and E. Pereira

2001; viii+354 pages
ISBN 90-6764-337-8
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